Joy in the little things

Have you ever been on a plane trip? I am still a little nervous on plane flights but I can’t help being overawed at the marvellous views. I love watching the cities get smaller and I love seeing the white fluffy clouds spread out below me.

It truly is a wonderful world and we have so much to be grateful for. It is easy to forget how wonderful life is until we step back and look at what we already have. Sometimes we focus so much on what we want “next” that we don’t spend time enjoying what is already ours.

All of us have air to breathe and food to eat. We have the companionship of others and we can always find work to do that is meaningful. We are surrounded by trees and grass and plants of all kinds.

For you to be reading this, chances are you have a computer, and that means you are richer than 88% of the world’s population.* I expect you ate breakfast and lunch and dinner and if you are anything like me, several snacks in between.

I live in Australia and it truly is a land of plenty.

Today, maybe you would like to spend a few minutes thinking about whether you focus on what you do have or what you don’t have. Do you enjoy where you are now? Do you experience the beautiful things that are around you now? Find a way to enjoy what is yours today.
It might be a good day to take a walk and visit a local park or work in your garden. Visit a friend or bake a cake. There are so many options.

Above all have fun. Life is meant to be joyful.

Inspiring Thoughts on Happiness

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