Lessons from a Fish - A Sense of Wonder

Last night I was watching a fascinating TV documentary on fish. There are fish that have lengthy fins that allow them to fly over the water for long distances and who lay their eggs on a floating raft. There are fish that eat from the mouths of a Hippopotamus and others that scratch themselves against the sides of rough sides of sharks to get rid of their parasites. This world is a marvellous place. It amazes me how I can have been alive for fifty years and learning and being aware and still find out new things every day.

A sense of wonder is a key element in being happy and in having fun. Happy people are curious; they explore and learn something every day. People with a sense of wonder are never bored. We wonder where this road leads and what this lever does and if this leaf is edible. We poke and prod and test things and see what happens when we change things around.

We want to know what the universe is made of and what Mars looks like on the surface. We want to watch the ladybirds up close and see what those tiny little seeds hold inside. Happy people find joy in their lives by looking for things to enjoy about right where they are.

If your job is boring, explore options. Can you do it quicker, or better, or differently? If you are trapped in an unhappy situation, what else could you focus on to help the time pass? Keep your sense of wonder and curiosity. It will not only make you happier, but it will also keep you young.

Have a happy week. Nikki

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