Wow ... a new blog to play with and on my favourite subject. Happiness.

It's a crucial subject because .... what else matters? Why have money if it is not to get things that you want. And why do you want them? Perhaps you are really chasing happiness.

Why study? So you can earn more, or know more...... so you can buy things you need or want and know stuff because .... it makes you happy.

Tal Ben-Shahar who teaches a course about happiness at Harvard calls happiness the new currency. Above a certain level of basic need, we all chase things because we want to be happy. And the funny thing is that it is not "things" that make us happy. No way.

So what does?

It is, how we think about "things". And ... how we think about others. And ... how we think about ourselves.

I am one of the happiest people I know. I have several medical problems and no income and am separated from the man I love (for now). But I am happy because I focus on the wonderful things I have instead of the things I don't have. Sound easy? It can be.

In this blog I plan to write to you every day and give you a Happiness Boost.

Lets get HAPPY.......
P.S. I take a lot of photos so I like to include them in my blog. I took this photo yesterday in the front yard of the house where I am staying. Isn't he a character. He even looks like he is smiling.

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