Hugs and XXXXX's

I have come to PDA (public displays of affection) late in life. My parents were English and we did not hug much. My ex-husband also was not affectionate.

I pitied those poor people who had to cuddle in public, as if they were trying to prove something to themselves. I thought they were all fake.

Then I met my fiancée.

Quite quickly I realized that I want to hug all the time and it doesn’t matter at all if there are people around. I just like to be as close to him as I can.

Research shows that I am likely to live longer now. Those regular hugs (and xxx’s) are good for my immune system. They foster endorphins, the feel good hormones.

I have really surprised myself and I began to wonder how many other people are denying their affectionate side.

Maybe you are.

Do you have someone to hug? Or something?

Some people have pets. Some people cuddle teddy bears. If you have children, you should be well hugged up.

A happy person needs someone to love (see my S post) and a hug is a great way to show love.

X is for XXXX’s. Lots of hugs and XXX’s.

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