U - Using your Uniqueness to Unlock more Joy

A happy person has something to do, someone to love, and something to look forward to.
Something to do

Be glad you have things to do. Cut down if you need to, but don’t resent your work. Happiness comes from being productive and useful.

If you hate your job, it might be time for a change. That could be a change of job or a change of attitude towards your job.

Traditional advice has been to find something you love and to make that your life’s work. Timothy Ferris in his book “The Four Hour Work Week” says that for most of us that is not possible. We are not always able to make a living from our passion.

So then what do we do?

We decide to enjoy what we are doing now or find a job we can live with that allows us a lifestyle we do enjoy.

Someone to Love

It is a wonderful feeling when someone loves us, but what is essential to our happiness is that we have someone to love. Allow yourself to really feel that love and don’t let the little annoyances of everyday life spoil it for you.

Hug your children each day. Tell your spouse you love them often. Call a good friend and get together. Hug your cat.

Pets are also a wonderful opportunity to give love. See here for a video about some people who love their pets.
Something to look forward to

Being in the planning and preparing stage of a project can be exciting. Goals energize us and help us persevere when times are tough.

If you haven’t achieved all your dreams, you are lucky; having something to look forward to makes life worthwhile.

So, embrace your job, or apply for a new one. Hug your husband, or buy a puppy. Plan a shopping trip, or arrange to go on a yearlong retreat.

U - Use your uniqueness to unlock more joy in your life.

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