Adjusting your Attitude for an A+ Life.

Can you imagine a tropical beach? There is sunlight reflecting off the crystal clear water and frangipani scent in the air. A gentle breeze brushes across your bare arms and the sand is warm between your toes.

I had such a holiday once. I went to Fiji and spent my time head down in a lagoon studying the tropical fish through a facemask, exploring the island, and building a tan while lying on warm sandy beaches.

For years I remembered that holiday fondly. In the midst of the humdrum of everyday life, I figured that if I was really lucky, I might get that experience again. Or I might not.

Then one day my life changed dramatically. My marriage broke up and not long after that I lost my job.

I grieved for the loss of my “forever marriage”. I cried about losing a job I loved. I was a mess, but I got over it by changing my attitude.

I began to look at this as a new opportunity. It occurred to me that many people are living my dream of sun, sand, and beaches. Why not me? Suddenly I had options that I never had before. I made the move to a tropical climate.

I followed my dream.

What is it that inspires you? What makes you smile? What would you love to do that you haven’t? What would make you happier? How could you make it happen?

Is it time for you consider an attitude adjustment? Are you moving towards your dream? Do you believe it can happen?

Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you are right.”

I know people who have lost their marriage or their jobs and who are still limiting themselves by lamenting lost opportunities. I live in a land of constant sun, powdery sand, and gorgeous tropical beaches.

When I began to believe it could happen, I made it happen.

Maybe you could too. A is for Adjusting your Attitude for an A+ Life.


  1. Nikki - Great A and great Attitude!!
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  2. Love this post...nothing like making a margarita when life hand you lemons. Thanks for commenting on my blog as well.

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