B is for Be Blissfully Happy with Better Beliefs

Yesterday I told you how a change in my attitude moved me towards my dream. A dream I hadn’t even considered was possible until life dealt me some lemons I did not expect.

But what if you believe you can’t change things?

Sometimes we believe the things we want are not open to us. A dream is not possible because we have families, jobs, and other commitments.

What if you think you can’t do something? How can you change your mind?
Is it time for a belief adjustment?

Consider these questions?

Is anyone else doing what you would like to do? 
Is there a creative way of getting what you want without depriving others?
Is it possible you are putting others needs too much ahead of your own?
Is your dream something you can plan for the future?

If you have a young family and would love to travel but feel you can’t, I know people who have;
·      Left their young family including a baby, for six weeks while they travelled (The children were just fine)
·      Taken their children on a long road trip with them and home schooled them
·      Taken five children on a five week overseas trip
·      Waited until their children were grown to sell their house and live in a campervan for years

Don’t let faulty beliefs hold you back. Look at things from an outsider’s point of view. Consider whether some of your beliefs are holding you back. Choose to believe that you deserve happiness.

W. Clement Stone said, "Whatever the mind of man can conceive or believe, it can achieve."

B is for Be Blissfully Happy with Better Beliefs

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