D is for Death – Finding Motivation in a Cemetery

I am one of those people that love cemeteries. I love to read the short memorials and imagine what their lives were like.

Recently in an old cemetery I found;
  •       A six month old buried with her grandfather
  •       A mother who died when she had eight young children
  •      A family that lost four children in two years

It made me grateful to be me. I am grateful for healthy children, access to modern medical care, and incredibly grateful just to be alive.

I had an experience that also reminded me how lucky I was when I was pregnant with my first son.

Our neighbours had a beautiful three-year-old boy who was killed when a family member reversed a trailer into him in their own yard. The possibility that my own yet to be born son, might not be with me forever was brought forcefully home that day.

I made these decisions
  •   to make the most of the time I had with all my children     
  •  to enjoy every moment with them and    
  • to teach them to be good citizens who would be loved and respected by others if anything happened to me
Being reminded that life does not last forever helped me get through many a long night with fussy babies.

Does life seem hard? Picture yourself years from now. Will you wish you had made more of this time? Will you be sorry it is gone?

What will people say of you at your funeral? Is the way you live your life now, the way you want to be remembered?

Make the most of your time. Appreciate the opportunity that is yours. Live well. Laugh often. Have fun now.

On the refrigerator in the home where I am staying is a magnet with the saying “whenever life sucks, remember that you are going to die one day.”

Wherever you are in life, enjoy it as much as you can. After all any day above ground is a good one.

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