H is for Healthy Habits

It’s hard to be happy when you are sick, tired, or stressed. It is also tough to find joy if you are addicted to harmful substances including common items like caffeine, nicotine, fat, or sugar.
Have you done an inventory of your eating habits lately?
Are you eating healthy food that nourishes and energises your body?
Are you avoiding items that disagree with your internal system?
The healthiest way to eat is to eat foods in their natural state and avoid processed foods. It should be easy.
But it’s not. There is more to know.
We need to know our own bodies.
I was the healthiest when I avoided sugar, all wheat flour, and all milk products. My friend swears by the blood group diet. Another was happiest when losing weight with shakes and protein powders.
Not everyone is the same. It can take a lot of time and persistence to find out what is best for your body.
But it is worth it.
You could see what happens when you give up one unhealthy item, or you could go cold turkey on a whole group of items such as anything that contains sugar.
You could also add something to your diet such as more fresh vegetables, or more water.
Health is so important for your happiness. It would be well worth finding out what suits you and your body and making the changes that suit.
H is for healthy Habits.

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