Introspection – Using your Imagination to Investigate your Interior

I am lucky enough to have a profession where I get lots of time alone. I have explored landmarks and forests and bushwalks and beaches, and I often do it solo. I can be amongst a crowd of families and couples and still enjoy myself, by myself. Not everyone is so lucky.
Some people need others around all the time to feel happy.
That is a mistake.
We have to be happy with ourselves before we can be really happy with other people.
I once read of someone who had a life changing experience with himself. When he could not find anyone to head out with him on weekend activities he became anxious. Then he realized that was kind of silly, so he decided to try something really different. He spent the weekend doing nothing at all.
He said he lay on his bed and just thought as little as possible.
It was an experience that changed him.
I had a powerful moment once when I was on holiday and stood in the middle of a field wondering which of the activities I needed to do next. I suddenly realized I did not have to do anything. I was on holiday. It had not occurred to me before because I was so busy running from one activity to the next.
Many of us never take the time to stop, relax, and do nothing.
If you have small children it can be hard to get the opportunity, but I am convinced that I would have been a better mother if I had taken the trouble to find some care for the boys so I could have some time to do less.
It can take time to get used to doing things alone but it can reap great benefits. It doesn’t have to be a deep and meaningful experience. Just turn off the TV and radio, eliminate as much noise as possible, and relax. Regroup, relax, and maybe even meditate. Slow your heartbeat, recharge your body, and smile. 
You really are worth it.

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