It's Okay to be Ordinary

When I was young, there were times when my brothers and sister and I all had our own ideas of what we should be doing. I wanted to play “Cowboys and Indians”, my sister wanted to play “hide and seek” and my brother just wanted to be given a horsey ride. We argued, each one of us trying to get our own way and to be the boss of the others. My dad used to say there were too many chiefs and not enough Indians.

An important lesson in life is to learn to be happy when others seem to have the lead role. All of us have our own part to play and for most of us it will not include fame and glory. For most of us today is just another day at the office, another day being a mother, or caring for aging parents. For most of us each day seems ordinary, unexciting, and maybe even boring, and that is okay.

Sometimes you should be the person who takes the lead, but more often you won’t.

We remember Mother Theresa, but her work was amplified by those willing to help her in her cause. The world needs more ordinary, everyday people doing everyday roles, just as much as it needs talented leaders.

While you can sometimes change your role to make yourself happier, other times you just need to roll up your sleeves and to bloom where you are planted.

Have fun with the work you have to do, no matter how menial, or unexciting it may seem.

The world is full of ordinary people and that is perfectly okay.

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