The Power of a Positive Perspective

When I was young I remembered watching the moon from the car. As we drove by, everything else was left behind, trees, buildings, houses, even mountains, but the moon just kept on coming. It seemed to be following me.

I knew in my head that it was because it was so far away but in my heart I felt as if it was following because I was special.

So many times, things are not how they look.

Sometimes people seem angry with us, but they are not. Sometimes it is a fleeting thought or an unrelated idea, or even a sudden itch they can’t scratch.

People do things that hurt and we assume they did it on purpose. Arguments, fights, and even wars, are sometimes started with false assumptions.

If you find yourself hurt by someone, you can assume they meant it or assume it was just a thoughtless remark. The first way will make you feel worse, the second way will allow you to forgive and forget.

It can take a while to develop an attitude of thinking the best of others but it is sure worth it.

Assuming others mean to hurt, leads to stress, anger and thoughts of revenge. That can lead to a spiral of hurt on both sides.

Thinking the best of others leads to peace of mind and ultimately more happiness, especially for you.

P is for the Power of Positive Perspectives.

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