Joy in the Journey

I know people who go on holiday in a rush, complete it in a hurry, and come back to their jobs to rest up. They spend many stressful days packing, dislike the plane trip, obsess over the defects in their accommodation, and resent the locals for being different.

Does a holiday begin with the plane ride? Does it begin when you settle into your hotel room? Or find your way around? Or visit the first attraction?

Isn’t the holiday in every minute?

Happy people make the most of every minute.
They enjoy the plane ride. If they hate flying, they take a book, arrange some food, or talk to their neighbours.  If they don’t like the room they are given, they accept it or ask to be transferred. They get to know people that are different than them. They make every meal and every walk an attraction. They make it fun.

Life can be likened to taking a holiday.

Some people are waiting to be happy until they get to the main attraction.
They think they will be happy when they get married, or when they have children, or when the children are grown. There are two problems with this.

They overlook the experiences they are having now. Someone waiting to get married might not value the experiences of making new friends. They feel dating is a failure if it does not find them “the one.”
The other problem is that waiting to be happy can put too much pressure on the event itself. What if you put your life on hold until you get married and then it fails? It is too risky and it is unnecessary.

Life should be fun now.

Every day can be special if you just do something different and special.
Go a different way to work. Eat somewhere new. Call someone you haven’t spoken to for a while. Do something different. Even just brushing your teeth with the other hand. It wakes up your brain and gets you out of a rut.

Have fun now.

See the roses, not the thorns. Dance in the rain. Laugh at chaos. Make your own fun.

William H Sheldon says that “Happiness is essentially a state of going somewhere, wholeheartedly, one directionally, without regret or reservation..”

Enjoy the journey. 

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