Three Crucial Reasons to Cultivate the Quiet

I have six sons and if there is one thing I would have changed about their upbringing it is that I would have had more quiet time to myself. If I had taken the time to recharge my batteries I would have been a happier and healthier mother.

But quiet time is important for more than just an opportunity to get some rest and recharge our batteries.

Here are three crucial ways that quiet can increase the quality of our lives.

1. Creativity thrives in quiet.

It is almost impossible to have a creative thought in chaos or when there is too much noise. We need quiet time even if it just created by ignoring everything around us and going within ourselves.

2. We make better decisions when we are quiet enough to hear our own thoughts

Prentice Mulford says “The more quiet is kept in our bodies, the more force is added to our spirit.” He adds “Our spirits have their own, their peculiar senses, distinct and apart from the sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch of the body.” We can only tune in to that special sense when we have enough quiet.
3. Quiet times increase our life span

Spending some time on your own and in a quiet environment is good for the soul and for the body. Statistics suggest that people who spend part of each day quietly meditating live longer. Dan Ferber also suggests on the Healthy Outlook Blog, that people who have quiet egos live longer.

Q is for Quietly Increasing the Quality of Life

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