You're Not Normal!

A friend of mine was working for a roadside rescue service when he got a call that someone had broken down out of town. It was late at night so he got out of bed and went to help.

When he got there he quickly found the problem with the car and began to tell the owner what was wrong.

The owner of the car disagreed. He began to argue that the diagnosis was wrong. My friend tried to explain but the customer just got more and more wound up. Finally he could not think of anything else to say, so he reverted to insults.

“There is something wrong with you mate,” he said. “You’re not normal. I am and I can prove it. Can you?

Then he pulled out a letter from a mental health institution saying he had been judged of sound mental health.

I know my friend and he is the salt of the earth; kind, generous, and caring. He also likes lots of time alone and would sooner die alone than burden others with his problems. Is that normal?

I have a IQ that puts me in the Mensa level but I do not have a job. Is that normal?

Bringing out a certificate to prove you are sane. Is that normal?

It is quite normal for people to differ in their approach to life.

Some people spend days dressed up as Superman, or studying frogs, or climbing life-threatening mountains. In an English court it is normal for lawyers to wear string wigs and black cloaks. In New Zealand it is normal to paint your face black and white when the All Blacks are playing rugby.

As long as we don’t hurt anyone else, our unique roles, hobbies, and passions, define us and enrich our lives.

Do you like music that no one else seems to like? Do you avoid parties even though “everyone else” is going? Normal is different for everyone and there is no point worrying if everyone else seems to be smarter, or taller, or bolder, or better looking, or likes different things than we do. We are who we are, and we should be happy in our own skin.

It is normal to be unique, different, and maybe a little quirky. It is what makes us different, and interesting, and is quite normal… even if we don’t have a certificate to prove it.

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  1. I enjoy your post as a person who likes what's different and interesting about others. I find "normal" quite boring, especially when people don't have interests to share during their conversations. Nikki, I like your new website. I also wonder if I can promote your "My Gutsy Story" elsewhere. Please e-mail me.


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